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Kids in Preschool


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Our mission at Spectrum Analytic Consulting is to provide quality pediatric ABA and behavior health services to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities.

We focus on helping our clients:

  • develop communication and language skills

  • improve functional/adaptive daily living skills

  • decrease problem behaviors while increasing functional replacement behaviors

  • build social skills and facilitate peer interaction


Child Playing at School


Our comprehensive assessments include in-person and virtual meetings with the child, educators, and parents, enabling us to gather the information necessary to create an individualized program that works for your child.

Preschool Class

ABA Services

When developing the treatment plan, the child's age, assessment results, behavior, and parental concerns are all taken into account. Behavior programs will reduce problem behaviors by teaching and rewarding positive replacement behaviors.

Couple Working Together

Parent Support

Parent training in behavior management strategies can help provide parents with the tools they need to handle challenging behaviors and supports that will help promote positive behavior change. We offer in-person and virtual parent programs.

In Network Insurance Providers

We work with most of the major insurance plans. If you don't see your provider on the list, contact us. If you are not covered for some of our services, check out our Grants & Resources page for possible options.

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