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Here are answers to some of the questions we're asked most often regarding ABA therapy and our services:

Q: What goals are considered part of ABA therapy?

A: Goals are individualized for each client and driven by the needs and desires of the client / family unit.  Following the assessment, the team will work with you to determine specific goals that are a priority for you as a family.  Many times, families identify goals related to the reduction of problem behaviors (tantrums, aggression, non-compliance, etc.), appropriate play skills, social skills, and expressive/receptive language development.

Q: How do I know when my child is making progress?

A: You may recognize progress as a heightened moment of connection and communication with your child. You will identify progress in the way your child engages the world or demonstrates a new skill. Likely, you will recognize progress both passively and actively through the gradual lessening of tantrums and / or the curbing of aggressiveness.  Interactions at school and at home become less stressful for both you and your child.  Progress is as individualized as goals, interventions, and services.

Q: Why is parent training and engagement so important?

A: The rate of your child’s progress is directly proportional to the amount of time committed to therapy.  In addition to the hours of service and treatment devoted to your child by the professional team, Behavior Analysts strongly encourage parent training in order to set up the family for success in providing for consistency outside of formal treatment sessions. Working together to provide for learning opportunities is key to successful outcomes.

Q: My child has just been diagnosed or is showing early symptoms of autism. What things can I do at home to help?

A: Following an assessment by the Behavior Analyst, we will work collaboratively with you to provide  tools, resources and support for creating a beneficial home program for your child. Activities may include implementing a visual schedule, working on appropriate play, and creating opportunities for your child to seek out the appropriate person to ask for assistance.

Q: Will my insurance cover these services?

A: Spectrum Analytic Consulting is contracted with most commercial insurance payers.  If your child has a diagnosis of Autism or a related disorder, we will work diligently to help you understand what your plan covers for ABA therapy. 

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