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ABA Therapist with child


At Spectrum Analytic Consulting, our comprehensive assessments include in-person and virtual meetings with the child, educators, and parents, enabling us to gather the information necessary to create an individualized program that works for your child.


  • ADOS

  • AFLS

  • Brief-P

  • CARS

  • DAYC

  • Direct Observations

  • FA's & FBA's

  • GARS

  • Parent Interviews


  • PEAK

  • SRS-2


  • Vineland

ABA Therapy

ABA therapy focuses on a combination of behavior change and skills acquisition programs that are highly individualized to the child and their needs. Many factors are considered when developing a treatment plan and programs that are both effective and appropriate for achieving the treatment goals. Social skills, communication, and daily living skills are always a focus.

  • Play Based Early Intervention

  • Adaptive Daily Living Skills

  • Behavior Change

  • Language Development

  • Discrete Trial Training

  • Social Skills

  • Community Skills

  • Parent & Teacher Training

Cute Boy playing with blocks
Child Playing with Letter Blocks

Let's Get Started

Offering Assessments and ABA Therapy Services in Atlanta GA. Contact us to learn more about our ABA services or to make an appointment.

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