• Intake interview with parents

  • Indirect Assessment (Screeners)

  • Direct Observation

  • FA's & FBA's


We consult and coordinate care with other therapists, teachers, professionals providing services to our clients. We provide consultation services to school districts and daycares in the form of IEE's IEP's and staff development. Consultative services focus on providing behavior management strategies for specific functions of behavior as well as education and training in instructional methods.
Direct Therapy


We include parents in treatment planning by discussing their goals for treatment to ensure that the goals we implement are socially valid. We use a positive behavior approach to include teaching skills and reinforcing functional replacement behaviors while decreasing maladaptive behaviors. Treatment plans are developed to teach the targeted skills in a variety of settings to facilitate generalization.

Parent Training


Treatment plans include specific goals to train parents and caregivers on how to apply the apply the strategies used during therapy and procedures for implementation behavior plans to ensure consistency and generalization across individuals and settings.

Spectrum Analytic Consulting

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